All individual services are available with sliding scale pricing. I believe that healing work should be accessible to everyone. Please contact me directly at to book via sliding scale.

Spirit Guide Message

A written message of loving support, channeled directly from your spirit guides.

In Spirit Guide Messages, I create sacred space, enter a meditative state, and connect with your spirit guides and channel a message for you. These are short messages, that I receive through my clairaudience and I first write with pen and paper then type out for you. I focus on a topic or question you have, and allow your guides to answer through me. These messages are unedited and uninterpreted, straight from your guides to you. Guides tend to focus on the big picture, and won’t tell you what to do or take away your agency. Usually spirit guide messages are very clear to the recipient without much digging! I include tools of inquiry and interpretation, to help you engage with your message on a deeper level. I will also include any visualizations, action steps, meditations, altar suggestions, and homework your guides indicate.

Thank you for the honor of working with you and your spirit guides!

$44 - introductory pricing
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Tarot Reading
1 Hour


A one-hour deep reading held at my space in Brooklyn, or via Skype, phone, or email. Together we'll delve into any areas where you need clarity and guidance, and bring light to your path. 

I see tarot as a tool to help you connect to your higher self and step into the fullest expression of your soul's purpose. Tarot helps ground you in the present moment, and empowers you to live from the heart. Anything that comes through in a reading is something you are ready to hear, and have the strength to handle.  I'm warm and down-to-earth, and I speak directly and gently; there's no judgement, and no sugar-coating, just the space for you to be exactly who you are. 

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1 Hour

One hour of gentle Reiki energy work at my space in Brooklyn. Reiki is a hands-on healing modality that brings deep relaxation to the body and nervous system. I use light hand placements and Reiki symbols to move energy in your body, and clear energetic blocks. Depending on the person and situation, I may also use crystals, sacred smoke, sound, or a pendulum in your session. 

It is my honor to channel Reiki energy, and hold space for it to flow into clients. This helps clear the way for you to do deeper work with your own spirit, since all healing comes from the self. After Reiki, many people experience feelings of renewal, increased creative flow, vivid dreams, peace and connection. If you're curious or have questions, please reach out!

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Email Tarot Reading

This is the email version of an in-person 25 minute reading. For this reading, I will pull 3-6 cards from my various tarot and oracle decks for you, and send you an email with a photo of the cards I've pulled, and your written reading within 24 hours. 

This option is great for the times you need to check in on your path or a place you're feeling unclear or out of touch, and for those "one quick question" moments. 

This is also a wonderful gift for birthdays, new year, new job, graduation, etc. Who wouldn't want a mystical check-in delivered straight to their inbox as they start a new phase of their journey?

If you're giving this as a gift, please include the person's full name and email address at checkout, and let me know if you have a specific date you'd like the email sent.

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Private Tarot Lessons 

I find tarot to be an amazing tool for healing and self-care, and (gently) cutting through ego and fear. It's helped me get really clear about who I am, what I want, and where I'm going. I'm honored to share it with you!

This intro series covers info on the archetypes of tarot, as well as basic numerology and scene reading. But most importantly, you'll learn what each card means to *you* as you develop a relationship to your deck and tap into your intuition.

Pay at the link below, then email me at to book your 3 lessons!

And please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

$350 - 3 90-minute lessons
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12 Week Intuitive Mentorship

One on one intuitive mentorship is a bespoke offering to facilitate a soul-level shift. Each week for three months, we will dive deep to process old stories, discover and strengthen your intuitive gifts, and create the life you desire. Between sessions, I offer support via email and text. This is an incredibly transformative offering that combines my experience in life coaching, intuitive channeling, energy work, and manifestation. I hold space and offer loving support, non-judgemental accountability, and grounded experience. The goal is for you to find your own answers, in your own voice, so you can step into the role you’re here to fulfill. This is particularly useful for creative, intuitive, empathic people seeking guidance and support to shine more brightly.

If you desire to work with an ethical, kind mentor who will help you feel more empowered and joyous, I invite you to join me!

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Tarot Reading at Events 

For events, parties, and groups: I will come to your NYC area event and provide custom 10- or 20-minute tarot readings for your guests for a set number of hours at $150 per hour. Bring a sense of mystery and wonder to your next event.

To book my services for your event, please email me at to arrange the date, location, and hours. I look forward to joining you!