Private Tarot Lessons, Series of 3


Private Tarot Lessons, Series of 3


I find tarot to be an amazing tool for healing and self-care, and (gently) cutting through ego and fear. It's helped me get really clear about who I am, what I want, and where I'm going. I'm honored to share it with you!

This intro series covers info on the archetypes of tarot, as well as basic numerology and scene reading. But most importantly, you'll learn what each card means to *you* as you develop a relationship to your deck and tap into your intuition.

3 90-minute one-on-one lessons
Personal instruction from me
Plenty of time for questions
Card meanings
Intuition development
Card spreads
Ethics of reading for yourself and others
Anything else you want to learn

Great for anyone who wants to read tarot without looking up meanings in a book or a blog.

Lesson 1:
Getting to know your deck
Grounding and centering ritual for pulling cards
Major Arcana

Lesson 2: 
Intuition vs Fear
Minor Arcana
Card spreads

Lesson 3:
Court Cards
Reading groups of cards
Reading for others

Series of 3: $350

Weeknight evenings and weekend days
In person in Red Hook, Brooklyn or via Skype

Please email to book.

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