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Healing the Shadow Workshop - Spirit House Collective

  • Spirit House Collective - NYC (private address) Bedstuy Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Tickets $45 - sign up here>>

Are you ready to face your shadow directly, and reclaim the magic it holds?

Brooklyn witches Stefanie Caponi and Moriah Simmons have put together a powerful workshop to bring loving attention to our shadow. Based on our own self-healing and also holding space for clients, we’ve developed a process for shadow work that we’re excited to share with you. This workshop includes guided meditation, journaling, mantra work, and Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to heal the shadow.

The shadow is a holding space for so much of your innate strength and wisdom. There is nothing wrong with you, your shadow is natural. Your shadow is not something to be removed or “fixed.” Healing is about integration, recognizing that you are whole. When we speak of the shadow, we mean the parts we don’t want to look at - both our trauma, and our coping strategies. Every “negative” pattern we have is a survival mechanism. We can honor those survival instincts, and find new ways to take care of ourselves.

In our Healing The Shadow workshop, we work as a team to create a safe space to teach people what shadow work is, and offer them accessible and powerful tools to access and heal the shadow. Through guided journaling and meditation, we will gently examine trauma and what it is we demonize in our lives, followed by recognizing patterns of self sabotage without judgement. We will then share EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping) with the group, as a modality to calm the nervous system and help create new neural pathways.

Tapping is a powerful energy healing ritual, performed in a group setting we are quite literally tapping into our personal power and bringing collective healing. With our Tapping practice in this workshop, we will work in two phases. The first phase is to locate and soften old automatic patterns. In the second phase, we will be programming in new, healthy patterns. And to close, we will each create personalized mantras for ourselves to reclaim the energy and wisdom of our shadows. Through the power of group witnessing, we will work with our shadow, bringing to light what is ready to be healed. Each participant will go home with an instructional handout explaining Tapping/EFT and how to continue the practice at home. 

About Stefanie and Moriah:

Stefanie Caponi is an artist, witch, astrologer, tarot reader. and creator of the Moon Void Tarot. Moriah Simmons is an intuitive healer, writer, teacher, reiki master, and tarot reader. Stefanie and Moriah met in the 2017 Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and have been making magic together with their coven ever since. Together, they have been teaching workshops since January 2019 to bring magical energy work to the public.

Moriah: IG @moriahsimmons

Stefanie: IG @stefaniecaponi and @moonvoidtarot

Tickets $45 - sign up here>>