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Reiki I Certification Training

  • ~private address~ Red Hook Brooklyn, NY United States (map)

Exchange: $120 - sign up here>>

I’m grateful to be offering Reiki 1 this summer at my home in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I love to share this magical healing modality, because it’s changed my life in so many beautiful ways. Reiki can be hard to explain, because it’s energy, and we just don’t have words for it. In my personal life, my reiki practice has helped me in the following ways: manage pain and stress, fall asleep, recharge my energy, process big emotions, listen to my body, have healthy boundaries, notice and act on my intuition, and feel connected to something bigger.

Reiki is a healing modality that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. Reiki translates as “intelligent life force energy” - it’s the energy of life. Reiki works in tandem with allopathic medicine, and your body’s own healing processes. Experiencing a reiki session can feel calming, restoring, energizing, cathartic, and expansive.

Reiki is taught in 3 levels. The first level is to become attuned to the energy and be able to offer it to yourself and others through your hands. With reiki, you are channeling universal life force energy, not giving away your own personal energy. You receive reiki too, every time you give it to someone else. It is a very safe, loving, and generous form of energy work.

What to expect in this class:
This will be part didactic class, part discussion, and part hands-on practice. We’ll take a lunch break midway through the day.
You’ll learn about reiki, what it is, and how to work with it. This training also includes the four Level 1 Reiki Attunements, which is how we pass on the ability to work with reiki energy. Attunements are initiations, and you may find your life shifts in subtle but powerful ways. We will have plenty of time for discussion and questions and hands-on practice. At the end, you'll each receive a certificate with your name for completing Reiki Level 1.


What is energy, and what is reiki
Self-reiki - how to give yourself a reiki treatment
Reiki hand placements - how to give someone else a reiki treatment
Intuition development
Boundaries, exchange, ethics, grounding and clearing
Hands-on practice with yourself and other students

---and any questions you may have!

After class:

Following a Reiki attunement, you are invited to do a 21 day self-care practice, where you make time to give yourself reiki every day. We'll talk more about this in person.

Exchange: $120 per person

Limited to 6 students.

Exchange: $120 - sign up here>>

Please email me directly at if you have any questions!

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